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TENSILE TOWN, the first novel by RS Perkins published by Innovo Publishing, is NOW AVAILABLE at Amazon.com and all major online booksellers!

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Ask Alexa to play SAINTS OF WOODBINE! Or, search Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, right here on THE DWHQ (see the PLAY button below) and most every online music vendor to hear this powerful new band that sings God's praises. Two songs have been released by SAINTS OF WOODBINE! Enjoy and expect the release of the full album in the Fall of 2022!!

This is The DWHQ, home of the musical and literary Christian ministries of RS Perkins. Enjoy his musical and literary work for the love of Jesus Christ and the non-Christian music that RS Perkins has created through his life, including his songs with his much-celebrated Folk-Funk music trio DIGNUS found on Amazon.com, Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes. See other photos and videos of which he was a part, as well.

If you are interested in having Mr. Perkins be involved with the production of your next music recording, visit the TALKING DONKEY PRODUCTIONS page.

All of Mr. Perkins' original recordings are published through DROP OF RAIN PUBLISHING - BMI