! ! ! EXCITING NEWS ! ! !

FYI - PerkinsArtsCM.com is now up and running. We still have plenty of information, pictures and news to add to it, but PerkinsArtsCM.com is now the place to visit for updates on RS Perkins Christian ministries in his literary, musical, and visual arts.

This site, thedwhq.com, will become stagnate for the time being.). There is, already, lots of information on here regarding DIGNUS and other works, but for the RS Perkins Christian ministries including SAINTS OF WOODBINE, TENSILE TOWN and its sequels, a new book of poetry, and more, visit PerkinsArtsCM.com 


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If you are interested in having Mr. Perkins produce your next music recording, visit the TALKING DONKEY PRODUCTIONS page.

All of Mr. Perkins' original recordings are published through DROP OF RAIN PUBLISHING - BMI