R.S. Perkins


“Randy” Perkins is a Nashville singer, musician, songwriter, and author who was saved by the blood and love of Jesus Christ in February of 2003. Mr. Perkins played Rock and Roll in bars and concerts from the age of eleven as he mimicked his idols and focused on becoming rich, famous and adored. Despite his continuous pursuit, at
the cost of those around him, his goals were not realized, though his achievements were enough to make him believe that “success” was just around the corner.

The realization of the collateral damage, thrust upon those who were close to Mr. Perkins, became a burden too heavy for him to carry. On a sunny February afternoon, in grief and alone in his Nashville apartment, Mr. Perkins asked Jesus Christ to take his life and make it worth
living. At that moment, his burdens were lifted and Mr. Perkins says he cried for an hour at the mere relief that Jesus had provided.

The song I FOUND YOU was the first song Mr. Perkins penned with his new heart and credits The Holy Spirit as co-writer. After years of learning his trade, Mr. Perkins had a great desire to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as he could through live and recorded music.


His prayers asked for God’s direction and blessing, but there was no answer until after Mr. Perkins was diagnosed with cancer in 2019 and experienced a successful surgery and recovery in early 2020. This was God’s way of giving Mr. Perkins the correct perspective and He provided the time, money and people to bring SAINTS OF WOODBINE to fruition with his friend and bible study partner, the Reverend Dr. Herbert Hobson.

Through TALKING DONKEY PRODUCTIONS, Mr. Perkins called several highly respected singers and musicians into the studio to record the two songs THIS IS THE GOSPEL and I FOUND YOU. With these two songs, SAINTS OF WOODBINE hope to earn invitations to bring the good news of redemption, love and forgiveness, through their concert performance and/or
church service, to locations around America and the world. The songs are being sent to various Christian college radio stations, as well as festival promoters, as the pandemic loses its grip on the world, praise the Lord!